Pottidot FAQ

Young children learn most effectively through play, and Potti-Dots™ are the most playful potty training accessory around!

Potti-Dots™ removable potty training stickers are made to go straight on the toilet or potty, and look fantastic. Use them one-by-one as a simple reward system, and your child will love using the potty in no time at all.

Potti-Dots™ engage kids from the moment they see the pack, and it only takes a few ‘go’s’ before most are hooked. Choosing and applying the Potti-Dots™ is so much fun…every single Potti-Dot™ has been designed to capture a child’s imagination and offer maximum encouragement.

Plus – a personalised potty is far more appealing than a plain old boring one. Even the gigantic family toilet isn’t intimidating anymore once it’s been covered in Potti-Dots™!

It’s completely up to you- whichever inspires your child the most.

Many young children (and their parents) find reward charts too formal at potty training stage. Kids love the immediacy and the decorative effects of Potti-Dots™, where the toilet or potty space soon becomes their very own trophy room.

They have been designed to go on the outside of the potty, the toilet seat, toilet lid, the cistern… just NOT inside the potty or toilet bowl, where it is too wet for Potti-Dots™ to survive!

Potti-Dots™ are 100% removable, and can be placed on almost any clean, hard and dry surface you can think of… bathroom wall tiles, the fridge etc.

Yes, use a soft dry or damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

If kept dry, many many months – until they are removed!

Yes. The sticker material is fully bio-degradable. Also, the Potti-Dots™ Potty Licence is made from the pack to minimise waste.

Yes. They comply with the most rigorous international safety standards. Please contact us for more detailed information if required. And please, always use under adult supervision.

The current design themes are a guide only- If your daughter is mad on dinosaurs, go the blue, and if you have a little fellow fond of cupcakes, think pink. We love that boys and girls seem to love Potti-Dots™ in both designs, regardless of their gender!

They’ll have a good old laugh, and wish they had a toilet covered in Potti-Dots™ too!

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