How do Potti-Dots™ work?

Young children learn most effectively through play, and Potti-Dots™ are the most playful potty training accessory around!

Potti-Dots™ removable potty training stickers are made to go straight on the toilet or potty, and look fantastic. Use them one-by-one as a simple reward system, and your child will love using the potty in no time at all.

Potti-Dots™ engage kids from the moment they see the pack, and it only takes a few ‘go’s’ before most are hooked. Choosing and applying the Potti-Dots™ is so much fun…every single Potti-Dot™ has been designed to capture a child’s imagination and offer maximum encouragement.

Plus – a personalised potty is far more appealing than a plain old boring one. Even the gigantic family toilet isn’t intimidating anymore once it’s been covered in Potti-Dots™!

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